Your Virtual VP of Marketing

You've grown to a level where marketing on a variety of fronts is imperative. But, does hiring a full-time marketing exec make sense? Maybe not. The Vokar Group can manage all of your marketing efforts across multiple platforms, employing partners who are best of breed for your needs.

We offer marketing management in several areas including:


SEO. PPC. Social Media Marketing

It's a complex digital landscape. We can make sense of it for you. Based on goals we set with you, we will work with partners to achieve meaningful results...that matter. AdWords campaigns. Social media community management. Content optimization. Just a few of the disciplines we will put to work for your company.


Get Some Ink!

Ok, so most "ink" these days is digital. But our founder has 20 years of public relations experience across several dozen industries. We know how to get editors' attention: be smart, be relevant and be persistent. We also know how to find the right PR firm for your company...and manage them to get results you want.


Success Can Be Measured

The old adage of "I know half my marketing is working, I just don't know which half" doesn't apply here. Everyone is metrics-focused these days. So are we. But, are they the metrics that matter to you? We've got one that probably does...sales! Our partners know that growing the business is the whole point of marketing. We don't get lost in the whiz-bang tools of the day...we always stay focused on your goals based on a solid strategy.